Airbus Intelligence Website Survey

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How often do you visit our Website?
What is your Overall impression of our Website?
When you come to the Intelligence Website, are you mainly interested in finding information about…
If you were looking for specific information, were you able to find it?
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Overall Website Design
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Availability of Information
Availability of Imagery
Availability of News
How well does our website meet your needs?
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Did you visit the Commercial Network Page?
If you did use the Commercial Network service, how satisfied were you with the information retrieved?
Do you easily find what you are looking for from our Image gallery?
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Are you satisfied with the pricelists that are available online?
Are you satisfied with the User Guides available online?
Are you satisfied with the availability of sample data?
Would you appreciate a Web-designed mascot, enabled to answer your online questions as well as guide you alongside your Website visit?